Presentation at the HKIES’ CPD Function on “New 3D Surveying by UAS, Photogrammetry and LIDAR Scanning”

Managing Director of Star Vision Limited during presentation at the HKIES’ CPD Function, August 30, 2017

On Wednesday, August 30, 2017, Managing Director of Star Vision Limited, Mr. Thomas Lee, presented at the Hong Kong Institute of Engineering Surveyors’ (HKIES) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Function.  The title of the presentation was “New 3D Surveying by UAS, Photogrammetry and LIDAR Scanning”.  The function was held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 19:00 to 20:30. Supporting organizations included Australian Institute of Building (AIB), Asian Institute of Building (AIOB), Department of the Land Surveying and Geo – Informatics, HK PolyU (LSGI) and Hong Kong Construction Arbitration Centre (HKCAC).

The main focus of the presentation was new three-dimensional mapping technology developed by Star Vision Limited (SVL).  The need for new technology when conducting 3D surveying projects to meet the high demand for geospatial data and high accuracy was the push to develop new techniques and methods.  Mr. Lee explained the drawbacks of traditional surveying and how new three-dimensional mapping technology can improve 3D surveying.  He listed and explained the series of products and services that SVL has launched to improve 3D surveying using this new three-dimensional mapping technology.

Here is an Abstract of the presentation:

In the era of rapid changes in scientific information technology, traditional mapping technology has become increasingly unable to meet the number of geographic information acquisition and the accuracy of the demand.  It is embodied in the following aspects: the data update is slow, the field measurement is time-consuming and requires a lot of manpower; the amount of information obtained is small, even if the vehicle is used in the laser radar scanning system, the cloud information is limited to the road and the surrounding small area, cannot cover the whole city; cannot produce true vertical view photo(true orthophoto), cannot solve the shadow and occlusion of the aerial photo. Star Vision Ltd. was granted by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2015 Innovation and Technology Commission innovation and technology funds, and successfully developed unmanned three-dimensional mapping system.

The system uses UAV automatic flight technology, the use of unmanned airborne laser radar scanning system, successfully solved the traditional LIDAR scanning system information coverage of small problems.  And the use of the latest photogrammetric modelling technology is successfully producing a wide range of multi-scale images. The system really realizes fast urban modelling.  Only a team can complete within a day 10 square kilometres range of scanning, 100 days to complete the area of 1000 square kilometres of the city scan.  More teams can simultaneously reduce the scan time.  It is able to update the city information once every three months.  The system has been tested successfully in Hong Kong and Macau, and the test results will be shared in this paper.

Star Vision Ltd. has launched a series of products and services, hope that this new system can help more people to solve the wisdom of the city and the city large data collection problems.  Products include true image (SVMap-Image), 3D point cloud, 3D grid and so on.  At the same time, SVL introduce certificate training on three-dimensional mapping technology around the world of surveying and mapping organization for the local and international business.


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