CIHT 2018/11/28 Technical Seminar

Seminar Title:
New Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and LiDAR Survey for Engineering

Sr Thomas Lee, MHKIS, MRICS, RPS (LS), Managing Director of Star Vision Ltd.

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) or drone technology has been widely used in highways engineering and transportation big data collection. These include aerial surveillance in project management, aerial reconnaissance in site formation, aerial photography on infrastructure construction, aerial photogrammetry (photograph measurement) in highways and drainage measurement, and professional surveying in slope assessment.
Having built up our 3D Surveying and Document System by Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) Research and Development funding, our UAS Surveying and Document System utilizes hundreds or thousands of aerial images for intelligent 3D spatial big data analysis. Terrestrial LiDAR is another technology solving indoor and on-site 3D problems. It is able to capture reality in scale at millimetre accuracy so that our construction world can be replicated precisely for Building Information Model (BIM) As-Built monitoring. UAS also complements with LiDAR by this aerial view for inaccessible area to complete the spatial infrastructure in our Smart City building. The presentation will introduce the latest UAS and LiDAR Technologies and how to apply the technologies in Highways and Transportation projects.

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