Sr Thomas Lee
Managing Director

  • M.Sc. in Geographic Information System from Edinburgh University 1990
  • Chartered Land and Hydrographic Surveyor, ARICS, 1994
  • Visiting Lecturer of HK Polytechnic University, M.Sc. Course in Geographic Information System
  • Visiting Lecturer of Chinese University, Post-graduate course in Geographic Information System
  • Honarary Lecturer of Hong Kong University, Master Degree course in Geographic Information System
  • Speaker in Rotary Club on commercial satellite image map
  • Speaker for Caritas Youth Center on commercial satellite image map
  • Speaker of Hong Kong Museum of History on Chinese Feng Shui Map History
  • Speaker in Rotary Club on Chinese Heritage Feng Shui
  • Speaker of Peer Review Conference in Yale University, USA, on Feng Shui
  • Speaker of Museum of History in Hong Kong on Chinese Feng Shui Map
  • Speaker of Institute of Chartered Surveyors in Hong Kong
  • Expert reporting on various local high court case and international court case on satellite image analysis and aerial photograph interpretation
  • Speaker in Educational IT Conference on 3D map production on Edutainment Theory
  • Project Director of more than 1000 pages of website construction for Environmental Education
  • Project Director of more than 500 pages of website construction for Biology syllabus of secondary school
  • International consultant for Provincial Geographic Information System, Ministry of Nature Resource, Ontario provincial government, Canada
  • Speaker in Hong Kong Day in Toronto for Hong Kong Tourism Association on Feng Shui



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Flight Simulation on SPOT DEM, SPOT and GIS – Seminar for users of satellite imagery and Geographic Information System in Southasia – Singapore, April 1995.

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LEE, Thomas. 1989.
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