Air Ventilation Assessment

Star Vision Limited is experienced in Air Ventilation Assessment project.  The following is a report showing the[…]

BIM Achievement 2020 Award (BIM Projects 2020 Category)

Star Vision Limited participated with other partners in the project of the ASD’s “Heritage Information Modelling of[…]

3D Model Containing Urban Objects

Star Vision Limited (SVL) provides 3D models from UAV (aerial drone) survey at different scales, and can[…]

Orthophoto of Urban Area

Star Vision Orthophoto can help your project to update urban and rural changes in 0.1 m or[…]

Digital 3D model of power line, artificial slope, and water reservoir tank

Star Vision 3D model show power line alignment across mountain and nearby residential estate at far hill[…]

3D City Model Visualization Technology

Star Vision has 3D city model visualization technology that can display Digital Twin (digital copy of the[…]

Star Vision Satellite View Technology

Star Vision satellite view technology update urban development and tree status every month. Here is the update[…]

Image History Library

Our research and development team is testing our satellite system to collect weather condition and urban development[…]

SVMap Image: Jordan Valley

Star Vision has created SVMap image products of Jordan Valley, which is east of Kowloon Bay in[…]

SVMap Image: Sai Kung

Star Vision has created SVMap image products of Sai Kung town centre. The products include 3D city[…]

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