New 3D Technology

Star Vision has been advancing our 3D technology to bring virtual reality to the computer world. Here is our beta test of a true scale and true location 3D world in our web site. In simple words, we are trying to “Copy and Paste” the real world into our web site. You may imagine walking through this Hong Kong country park without coming to Hong Kong, merely through our 3D technology below. Star Vision 3D Technology can bring elderly, children or disabled to walk through remote and inaccessible site with ease. It is a new idea to fly through with your friends to a beautiful scene as follows. Please share it with your friends and give us comment for further improvement. We are trying to bring the real world onto your hand via you mobile phone or tablet.



After a 5min launch, we have been receiving a lot of comments. One of the questions is “What is it and how can I appreciate it?”

Here is the “Making of” and “Way of Appreciation” :

The model is a location in Hong Kong called Tai Lam Chung Catchwater. The 3D computer model was captured by hundreds of UAV/UAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/System) or Drones. Using super-fast cloud computer to generate the 3D world and run through it in computer and create this animation (not video). The video will be generated automatically when you are watching this web page, there is no video behind our web site, everything is running instantly or so called in Real Time. It saves computer storage space or we try to do it environmentally friendly.


Another comment had arrived just after 10 minutes, regarding the speed of loading. It depends on your computer or mobile phone/tab. If you have good graphics device such as game play display card or new iPhone series, it will run fast.


The world will be on your hand.


As a professional land surveying firm, it is our “star” vision to bring you the nature in front of you and try to open your eyes on what is going on in the real world around.



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