SVMap – Image versus Google Map

Star Vision Ltd. is a Professional Photogrammetry Consultancy Firm.  We provide Photogrammetry services and one of our products is the SVMap –Image.

SVMap –Image offers a high resolution aerial imagery called SVMap –Image.  The SVMap –Image provides better aerial solutions than that provided by Google.  SVMap –Image offers a higher resolution, realistic and clear features, updated imagery, large, medium and small scale orthophotos, imagery in often obscured places and truly vertical photos.

Here are some visual comparisons:

SV-Map Image

Google Technology

High Resolution

Low Resolution

Realistic Scenes and Clearly defined Features and edge construction

Unclear features

Up – to – date Imagery

Out dated Imagery

Large Scale Photos (detailed map) even of Obscured Places

Small Scale Photo of Obscured Location


Orthophotos referenced to a Grid System, can be directly used as a map

Cannot acquire accurate map measurements, image is referenced to a geographical coordinate system

Truly Vertical Photos, Clear Visuals of all Ground Features

Perspective View, Ground Features are obscured