Key Features

Image-based Mobile Mapping System

  • High speed, high definition street view photo
  • Photo resolution: 4096 x 2160 pixels
  • Maximum frame rate:
    • 10 fps (full resolution)
    • 17 fps (high speed mode)

GIS Production

  • Come with photogrammetric software suite to extract GIS data

Adjustable and Versatile

  • Easily mounted in every orientations with the tripod’s succion pads
  • Easily mounted on cars, trucks, trains or boats

Web Service

  • High flexibility with plug-ins and SDKs

Three tools provided by Imajing that provide integrated workflow from image data collection to map and geographical information system (GIS) generation:

  • Imajbox (Sensor)
  • Imajview (GIS Software)
  • Imajnet (Web Service)




Keywords: Mobile Mapping System, Image, Vehicle, Rail, GNSS, IMU, 2D GIS, 3D GIS