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SuperGIS Desktop

SuperGIS Desktop is a powerful desktop GIS software that gives you powerful GIS capabilities to edit, manage, visualize and analyze geographic data. As a result, you can display your results on professional-quality maps.
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SuperGIS 3D Earth Server

SuperGIS 3D Earth Server is a software that allows you to display and share all your GIS data in a 3D view, which is a breakthrough technology in traditional GIS systems. By exploring the data in the virtual globe, it is much easier to see the spatial relationships between different features.

In addition to the fancy visualization of data display, SuperGIS 3D Earth Server also meets the Cloud computing architecture. Developers can publish their GIS data from any SuperGIS Desktop (or SuperGIS Map Designer) as a 3D globe service, and the clients can see the 3D globe from various client-side applications, such as web-browsers (support HTML5 or above), desktop applications, and mobile applications. The figure below illustrates the workflow of SuperGIS 3D Earth Server.

With SuperGIS 3D Earth Server, you can:
– Share and display your GIS data in 3D view to enhance data visualization.
– Centrally manage a large quantity of spatial data and image to reduce the costs of data storage and enhance the security of data.
– Integrate seamlessly the geographic information from different GIS servers to be easy- to-use and intuitive GIS services.
– Extend the GIS technique to various client-side applications, such as web browsers to boost the accuracy and usability of field data collection.


SuperSurv, the mobile GIS application specially designed for Android and iOS platform. Integrating with GIS and GPS technologies, SuperSurv allows you to easily collect and survey spatial data in the field with Android and iOS mobile devices.

The main functions of SuperSurv include data collection, orientation, map display and waypoint guidance. With the built-in GPS functions, the data of point, line and polygon can all be captured quickly. In the meantime, the waypoint and track can be recorded and managed to well control your directions.

Moreover, the application supports global coordinate system settings, so the files of different regions can be displayed correctly to increase the convenience of data sharing. Besides, the data of point, line and polygon that SuperSurv collects can be saved in SHP, GEO or KML formats for more advanced uses.

With SuperSurv, you can:

-Efficiently collect point, line, polygon data and support offline editing.

-Display map data with global coordinate system settings.

-Switch basemaps and connect to SuperGIS Server services.

-Create and manage waypoints with ease.

-Query and measure the map with GIS tools.

Link with SuperGIS Server

SuperGIS server can provide real time data read and write access from SuperSurv (applications in both Android or iOS operating systems on phones or tablets), so that surveyor and field officer can collect real time data at the field and update the site data in real time. Management sitting in the office can see data collected in real time dynamically in central server without post-processing, editing, validation or going back to the field to verify after.


SuperGIS is a powerful Sofware!
– Dr. Conrad TANG, PolyU