Expert Witness for Lot Boundary Disputes and Adverse Possession

We provide professional Land Surveying service to the government, local, and international enterprises, and have years of experience in court as expert witness concerning lot boundary disputes and adverse possession.

Adverse possession requirements (according to The Land Reform Commission of Hong Kong) are: 1. except in the case of Government land, for which the limitation period is 60 years, no action to recover land is allowed after twelve years from the date upon which the right of action accrued; 2. a squatter must establish that he has both the physical possession of the land and the required intention to possess it. As an owner is presumed to be in possession of the land, a squatter must establish that he has taken a sufficient degree of exclusive.

Responsibilities of a surveyor as expert witness:

• Carrying out survey: we can re-establish the boundary of those disputed places by surveying the existing features with professional skills and knowledge.

• Analyzing evidence documents: the documents of proving the land ownership, land use changes, and the intercourse of the owner and applicant are important pieces of evidence when solving disputes. We will consider all cases and make the decision fairly.

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Mr. Thomas Lee
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