Quick Terrain Modeler (QTM)

Figure 1: QTM displaying a Star Vision Ltd. 3D point cloud of a bridge by its actual look (RGB, left), or coloured by elevation or height of the points (right)


Star Vision Ltd. houses software Quick Terrain Modeler (QTM), which provides the fastest 3D point cloud visualization, quick 3D terrain profile analysis, and decision support system.  It was developed by Johns Hopkins University in the USA, and used in military projects.

QTM software can display unlimited point clouds, unlimited DEMs/DTMs, unlimited orthophotos, and unlimited GIS vector files all in the same map projection in any international map projection coordinates, and can combine them into one view or project.  The software can also produce cross-section profile instantly.


Figure 2: Cross section measurement along a line in a Star Vision Ltd. 3D point cloud of an urban area in Hong Kong, showing heights of various buildings