About Us

Established in 1989, Star Vision Ltd. is a Geo-informatics and IT consultancy firm headed by a group of professionals from Land Surveying, Information Technology (IT), Geographic Information System (GIS), and Geospatial Data Management System (GDMS), attuned to every client’s specific needs. We are providing the following major professional services:
  • GIS, GDMS, and IT consultancy including the feasibility study, justification report, management report, change report, benchmark test, spatial data modeling, data and system specification, cartographic specification, accuracy specification, and spatial and aspatial normalization.
  • System integration including design, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Land and cadastral surveying for land and cadastral information system.
  • Remote sensing and digital photogrammetry consultancy and solution provider.
  • Supply of high-resolution commercial satellite maps.
  • GPS navigation and Tracking system of cars and ships for logistic and management application.
  • Precise digital 3D urban city model and landscape database for simulation and planning.
  • Web content generation, multi-media design, and e-commerce solutions.
Star Vision is particularly strong in GIS, GDMS, Remote Sensing, and GPS technology for the design and implementation of spatial information systems from corporate GIS, land cover map, fleet management system, to location-based services. With professional land surveying and photogrammetry background, the company has successfully implemented many systems with the high-quality digital map and GIS database. The recent development of high-resolution (less than 1 m) commercial satellite imagery, which the company is selling, provides very high-quality digital map data source to generate client specified digital map, remote sensing, and GIS database for the implementation of GIS, GDMS, environmental study, town planning, location-based services, GPS, and engineering projects. Star Vision always acts as the independent consultant and system integration to help clients to design systems from higher level problem identification, proposing of the solution, software and hardware evaluation, to purchase of system tools and GIS datasets. Our project team will recommend the best solution to the client under time and budget constraints. With our professional consultancy services, we not only provide high-level feasible solutions but also implement the physical design successfully with system training and maintenance services. Star Vision has been continuously employing new GIS, GDMS, remote sensing, and GPS technologies in enhancing and updating its digital map products, SVMap, through advanced remote sensing technology and satellite imagery, advanced GIS processes, and fast and precise GPS position-fixing technology. These technologies also support our partners in their own operations and business development. With our digital map distribution networking, we believe that we can provide tailor-made digital map solutions in various local and international digital mapping, GIS, GDMS, remote sensing, town planning, GPS, car navigation, fleet management, and local-based service projects for our clients and business partners.