Air Ventilation Assessment

Star Vision Limited is experienced in Air Ventilation Assessment project.  The following is a report showing the effect of proposed building designs on the air ventilation of surrounding area in Tsuen Wan. Details of the report can be found in this link

BIM Achievement 2020 Award (BIM Projects 2020 Category)

Star Vision Limited participated with other partners in the project of the ASD’s “Heritage Information Modelling of Peak Police Station” last year. The project is one of the winners for the BIM Achievement 2020 (BIM Projects 2020 category). During this project, Star Vision provided laser scanning and aerial photogrammetry services to generate 3D models for …

3D Model Containing Urban Objects

Star Vision Limited (SVL) provides 3D models from UAV (aerial drone) survey at different scales, and can be referenced to the correct location through geospatial coordinates. The above image shows a 3D model of a paved area with various objects: Manhole for storm water Manhole for storm water Manhole for foul/ sewage Manhole for telephone/ …

Orthophoto of Urban Area

Star Vision Orthophoto can help your project to update urban and rural changes in 0.1 m or 1:100 map scale. You can even detect manhole cover, trees, taxi on road, car on open car park, recreation facility like tennis courts, building outlines and corners, footbridges, road marking on ground, traffic direction and crossing in our …

3D City Model Visualization Technology

Star Vision has 3D city model visualization technology that can display Digital Twin (digital copy of the reality) in true scale, which allows carrying out engineering planning, design, as-built analysis and maintenance.

Star Vision Satellite View Technology

Star Vision satellite view technology update urban development and tree status every month. Here is the update in Tsz Wan Shan, Wong Tai Sin and Lok Fu in the last week. You can identify and count the urban redevelopment and new development. You can understand the tree distribution and landscape of your interested environment.

Image History Library

Our research and development team is testing our satellite system to collect weather condition and urban development status, and record them as image history library for Hong Kong history. We believe that we can contribute ourselves by writing history book of Hong Kong in term of aerial view technology library. You are welcome to find …

SVMap Image: Jordan Valley

Star Vision has created SVMap image products of Jordan Valley, which is east of Kowloon Bay in Eastern Kowloon, Hong Kong.  The products include 3D city model and 3D digital map, showing locations and heights of residential buildings and hills in this area.

SVMap Image: Sai Kung

Star Vision has created SVMap image products of Sai Kung town centre. The products include 3D city model and 3D digital map with: height of building, height of all trees, and estimate population per village These can be used for development detection, vegetation management, environmental impact analysis, parking space study, etc.