Integrate drones for SAR operations to locate missing persons

Star Vision provide Search and Rescue technology to locate missing persons. Star Vision has integrate drones for Search and Rescue operations to locate missing persons.
Here is the video to locate missing persons by Star Vision technology. The technology is using Command and Control software system to locate missing persons. It is a Centralized Drone Operation Management.
It is to use drone to locate lost person.
Setup your drones as usual setup the centralized drone operations centre in your car/truck nearby.
Connect the drones and upload your Search and Rescue flight paths by Star Vision software system in your portable notebook.
Live stream video from drones to Search and Rescue operations centre (your notebook computer when you centralize all in your car/truck)
Drone pilot can place marker locations for detailed investigation by the video.
You can mark on the video where the lost person at.
The system provide position in coordinates of Latitude and Longitude of the lost person.
Star Vision system enhance efficiency of Search and Rescue.
It is also enhance surveillance and incident investigation.