Star Vision provide software system to avoid UAV/Drone collision using international ADS-B monitor

Vision System (VS) support ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) receivers and transponders.
VS has software system to detect collision possibility using ADS-B.
The calculation of the collision possibility is based on three parameters.
The three parameters are H, V and T.
H is horizontal distance in meters.
V is vertical distance in meters.
T is warning time in seconds

Warnings about possible collisions appear in the log window if vehicles, during the minimal convergence, would, in the future, violate both boundaries (H/V) of any other vehicle in a time less than T.

Warnings will be given if the minimal convergence persisted in the past and spread angle between the trajectories is less than 20 degree and the areas of the vehicles are violated.

VS supports Sagetech XPS-TR Mode S transponders.

VS supports parameters of SQUAWK, ICAO Address, Aircraft registration (tail number), Flight ID, IDENT* fly, External altitude.